"Google Cardboard Plastic" Manufactured by Zen Magnets

Zen Magnets LLC is now the first company actually shipping Google's brilliant new Actual Reality Headset, based on Google's open source design.

DENVER, CO, April 1, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ — With the release of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive coming soon, Google has raised the virtual reality bar by announcing Google Plastic Cardboard: "the world's first actual reality headset". Designed with "4D-integrated perspective, 360-degree spatially accurate sound, 20/20 resolution, and advanced haptics for realistic touch sensations." As Google puts it, "what's realer than real? Probably nothing. Or maybe something! I doubt it, though."

The version shipped by Zen Magnets is currently available without the head straps, although an advanced kit with head straps may be available in the future. For now, those who eagerly seek new hands-free gardening, skateboarding, and park-bench-sitting experiences can easily tape Google Cardboard Plastic to their heads. Zen Magnets is selling them for $15 with Free USPS Priority Shipping in the US. They are immediately available at: http://zenmagnets.com/google-cardboard-plastic/

Proceeds will go directly to Zen Magnets' legal costs in their fight against the CPSC's (Consumer Product Safety Commission) war on magnets. High powered magnets pose an ingestion hazard, and may pinch internally and require immediate medical attention. Zen Magnets LLC is the only company fighting the CPSC's attempt to remove all High Powered Magnet spheres such as Buckyballs, Zen Magnets, and Neoballs from the US Market for all ages. Zen Magnets was recently granted a victory in their merged administrative case that was once shared by Buckyballs and Star Networks.

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Source: EIN Presswire