Elder Care Services Help Seniors Maintain Spring Hobbies like Gardening


Companionship and mobility assistance from an in-home caregiver encourages seniors to work in the yard, enjoy light exercise, or spend time outdoors!

Spring is the perfect time to get your loved ones active outside with their caregivers!”

— Mark McGoldrick, Owner

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It has been a long and cold winter. In some parts of the country, snow reached record-breaking falls and we saw some hard times when it comes to weather, ourselves, in Shelton, CT. However, worry no more, spring is finally here!

For some of us, that also means that gardening season has started. Many seniors enjoy gardening as well and are thrilled to be getting the chance to get out there and get their hands dirty. However, if your loved one is one of these older adults, you may be feeling a bit anxious about it.

Gardening has a wide range of benefits, but it can also be a dangerous activity for some seniors without proper supervision. Eldercare could be the answer you have been looking for. Help from a professional caregiver can give seniors the confidence and mobility assistance they need to enjoy the time spent in the yard. If gardening is not a hobby of your senior loved one, caregivers can water potted plants while your loved one sits outside. Enjoying one another’s company with spending time outside can have many physical and mental health benefits for seniors.

There are several companies that provide elder care services in Shelton, CT. Although every elder care company provides personal care services like grooming, feeding, medication management, and toileting assistance, some also provide companionship services. Companionship services are great because they really help fill in the care gaps personal care does not cover.

Companionship care services at most elder care companies encompass a wide range of activities. Companionship and conversation are the most frequently provided, but a caregiver can participate in any activity your loved one would like to participate in. Having a caregiver around with your loved one while they take part in activities and hobbies they really enjoy can help give you peace of mind. This is priceless, particularly so if you have been worried about your loved one as of late.

The point is that, as your loved one ages, your focus should not be on trying to explain to them that they are no longer fit to take part in activities they love – quite on the contrary. Continuing to stay active and have hobbies can really help seniors stay healthy. What's more, it is very much so possible with help from elder care providers.

At the same time, gardening, besides yielding healthy produce for your loved one, brings with it many benefits.

Health Benefits of Gardening:
Lower Stress Levels
A Sense of Accomplishment
Reduced Risk of Dementia
A New Skill or Hobby

Take some time to consider the impact of these benefits. They may be just what your loved one is missing in their life. The answer could lie in elder care.

About Comfort Keepers Shelton, CT:
Providing best-in-class home health care for seniors and the elderly is a true passion of ours, and is a reputation we strive to maintain on a daily basis. Our experienced Comfort Keepers CT senior home care team is dedicated to building real relationships because you deserve high-quality care from people that care about you. Whether you are interested in assisted living, we have the ability to customize our services to match your exact needs.

Our Comfort Keepers CT senior home care mission is to provide our clients with the highest level of quality of life that is achievable. We shall treat each of our clients with the respect and dignity they deserve, as though we were caring for a member of our own family.

The special caregivers who deliver our unique brand of senior home care (We call them Comfort Keepers®.) are carefully selected, screened, and trained to provide professional, compassionate care.

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