Exceed Solar Announces First Sale of its Solar-Powered, Multifunction Utility Space

Solar powered utility space ideal for backyards

The Company received some very exciting ideas on how the SolBank can be used, including building a patio around the exterior and using it as a backyard entertainment centre.”

— Stanton Pawchuk, co-founder of Exceed Solar

SHERWOOD PARK, AB, CANADA, May 29, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Exceed Solar, a local developer of solar applications for backyard use, is pleased to announce the first roll out of its unique, solar-powered utility space that incorporates state-of-the-art technology and renewable energy.

The Company’s innovative “SolBank” is an 8×12-foot utility space that is shipped in a flat pack format. The SolBank, which is branded by Exceed Solar under its Sol Spaces division, is constructed using advanced building materials for superior insulation and environmental sustainability and produces up to 1.5 kWh of solar energy.

“The Company received some very exciting ideas on how the SolBank can be used, including building a patio around the exterior and using it as a backyard entertainment centre,” said Stanton Pawchuk, co-founder of Exceed Solar. “There is huge flexibility when you have a space that is well-insulated, energy-efficient, and generates its own power. We are thrilled to introduce this product to the market.”

An ideal solution for backyard environments, the SolBank has many different applications, including office space, artists’ studio, indoor gardening, entertainment centre, storage, or simply to provide convenient, sustainable energy for residential purposes. The SolBank can run on or off grid depending on the application. Off grid applications are ideal for rural settings or additional space on recreational properties.

Exceed Solar’s objective is to increase the adoption of solar energy by introducing smaller, backyard applications such as greenhouses, utility spaces and garden suites for full, year-round living. The Company uses environmentally friendly insulted panels for easy construction and transportation, and bundles its products with solar power to remove the complexities of adopting renewable energy.

“Our goal is to simplify solar systems,” Pawchuk explained. “We understand that implementing renewable energy can be an incremental process, so if you’re going to install a utility space in the backyard, why not have it both sustainable and leveraging solar energy?”

The first sale of the SolBank is in an urban setting where the homeowner has south exposure in the backyard but an east/west roof orientation on the house, making rooftop solar installation a less appealing option. The SolBank is located in the backyard with ideal south exposure for the solar panels while also providing 96 square feet of multiuse space.

The homeowner is grid tying the SolBank for a year-round use and to offset some of the energy consumption in the main residence. The project also qualified for municipal incentives for solar installations. The SolBank will also provide power to an existing greenhouse in the homeowner’s yard which will help to extend the growing season.


Exceed Solar (www.exceedsolar.com) creates sustainable, scalable backyard spaces and community solutions by leveraging renewable energy and smart technologies. Branded under the name “Sol Spaces”, Exceed’s modern living spaces are the next generation of housing solutions, incorporating scalability, sustainability and renewable energy to become the most efficient living spaces available on the market.

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Source: EIN Presswire