Why Gardening is a Great Hobby to Pick Up while Social Distancing

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The sky is the limit with how you want your garden to look!

Reasons why starting a garden is beneficial to your life for during and after COVID-19

Encourage…to play outdoors — it’s great for physical and mental health…”

— The Centers for Disease Control

MORRISVILLE, PA, US, April 6, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — It is obvious to everyone that the recent COVID-19 events have us all stressed. Everyone had work, school or plans that are now canceled. With all this new free time you may be wondering…what do I do now? While it’s nice to catch up on all those shows you’ve been meaning to watch it is also very important to be active and get outside as well. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) actually recommends going outdoors to stay physically and mentally healthy. So now you might be asking…what can I do outside that is still inline with social distancing? Simple: start a garden!

Gardening is a productive use of your new-found free time that will not only make your social distancing time more bearable but also continue to be a benefit after it's over. You are probably in your house anyway, so why not help yourself and your property at the same time? First, let’s talk about how gardening benefits your personal health.

– Being outside and working in the dirt is a proven mood-booster! How? Well, being out in the sun, even on less sunny days still increases your exposure to Vitamin D. This vitamin is exactly why those who suffer from seasonal depressed feel much better once winter ends. The soil has natural and safe bacteria that act as anti-depressants. Also doing the physical work of gardening is similar to going for a workout, it helps relieve stress and gets your endorphins going!

– Gardening helps boost your immune system! Having a strong immune system is important now more than ever. The same vitamins and soil bacteria that help boost your mood are also known for boosting your immune system! The fresh air certainly doesn't hurt either and even when feeling bad, getting fresh air can help you get better faster. The same physical activity is going to help your body feel its best and thus is better at fending off illnesses.

– Bummed that your gym had to close? Well, gardening can be your new workout! Spending at least an hour outside working on your property can count as an extensive aerobic exercise. As your working out your body, you are also working out your mind! Gardening has been known to be mentally stimulating and if often recommended to decrease your risk of dementia. You can double up on the mental stimulation but listening to a podcast while you work!

– Depending on what you decide to plant can also open up other benefits. If you plant fruits and vegetables then not only will you encourage yourself to eat healthier but also means you have less to buy at your next grocery visit! Making your shopping trip that much shorter decreases your risk of catching COVID-19. If you decide to grow flowers then that opens up other hobbies for you to try such as… flower pressing crafts, herbal recipes, photography or floral arrangments.

– Gardening can benefit your property and the environment in general as well! Planting trees and many other plants help improve outdoor air quality. Flowers can encourage helpful pollinators to pay your home a visit. Not only will it be fun to see them but also pollinators help keep the environment alive. Gardens have been known to help improve soil and water quality as well. Some plants can even deter pests such as mosquitoes and ticks! Imagen how much more you’ll enjoy your own property when you don’t have those bugs to worry about.

Best part? All these benefits don’t end when social-distancing does. So longs as you continue to care for it gardens can beneficial for a lifetime. Right now while you have the free time is the best time to get it started because getting it set up is the hard part. Be sure to get advice from your local gardening community if you’re completely new to the process. If you can’t handle all the really heavy work but would still like to garden then consider calling your local landscaping company. Landscapers are still open and working at this time because their work doesn’t break the social distancing protocol. Get ready to get your hands dirty (in a good way!) and reap the benefits of that garden you sowed! Stay safe and healthy out there!

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