PrimeHangout, New Social Media, Life Changing and 100% Minority Owned Is Here and Now Available for Your Enjoyment

Exclusive Technologies and Greater Innovative ideas

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2020 / — The current new normal around the world prompted and inspired the re-emergence of PrimeHangout a 100% minority owned social media positioned to successfully compete through amazing creativity and innovation. Here it is, new, free and life transforming social media developed for all fun-loving people of the world, Dr. Henry I. Balogun Founder/CEO announced. “Slide over Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, there is a new great place to hangout, enjoy and grow like never before! It is a unique playground for adult to connect, communicate one-on-one or in group, broadcast messages, inspire one another, share photos, show creativity and make extra income.” Within the PrimeHangout social media platform are the following incredible technologies among many:

• Smart Classified, otherwise known as sClassified© is a new technology designed to seek out employment opportunities for you while you’re busy with other aspect of your live. While you are having dinner, doing gardening, napping, watching sporting event, walking your dog, enjoying an evening stroll with your loved one, or doing just about anything you like, sClassified© is designed to go job hunting for you said Dr. Balogun. “Traditional way of looking for a job is to search for it. sClassified© is out to reverse that tradition and this is no longer a plan. It is done. From now on, available jobs are going to be looking for qualified candidates. Our goal is to make it easier for anyone interested in employment to find one.” sClassified© comes with the kind of automation and screening process only technology can deliver and this is just the beginning.

• PrimeHangout Mall –physically showing up at the mall has been a great way to shop. You now have additional option. You can now hit the mall virtually, from anywhere, using any device. The new real virtual mall developed as an integral part of a social network is now open for business, Dr. Balogun emphasized. “PrimeHangout enables individuals as well as existing retailers to open stores and sell to millions of people virtually. There is simply nothing like it – a real mall where you can open a real store, sell real products and make real money.”

• Transparency™ – the time has come to help students from elementary school to high school and possibly beyond in their quest for academic excellence, declared by Dr. Balogun. "No child should suffer and struggle quietly with learning problems, hence the development of Transparency™, What is Transparency™? Transparency™ is a free tool designed to transform learning. If you are a teacher, Transparency™ is designed to reduce frustration associated with teaching a child who is running away from learning due to difficulties in comprehension. Transparency™ provides an open door to a child struggling with whatever subject – math, science or any subject. Transparency™ is a free new ally designed to reduce whatever stigma associated with learning difficulties. Teachers from any school enrolled in the Transparency™ program would be able to post homework along with any specific instructions. Students would immediately have access to the homework posted by their teachers. Parents of students in the enrolled school would receive notifications and access to the same homework their children have access to. Any child who is in need of help should be able to find mentors. Those who would like to step forward and help as mentors are encouraged to register to assist.

What you see or have access to within the PrimeHangout platform depend on who you are and your login credential. PrimeHangout provides helpful and growth oriented interconnected web of technologies within a social media and this is just the beginning There is nothing like this. PrimeHangout takes social networking to a new height. You’ve got to experience it to believe it. We are still work in progress. Go to to register and invite as many people as possible (friends, family members, co-workers, including businesses, religious organizations and fellow members of the same congregation) to also register and experience the amazing benefits of PrimeHangout.

We are asking the media (Television, Radio, News Papers, Magazines, etc) to give us equal attention, equal coverage and equal exposure as accorded Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Finally, we are asking investors to check us out for possible investment. We are ready to continue to innovate, improve and grow as God would grant us the opportunity to do so. Come in and hangout with us for a rewarding experience.

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