Plant it Again Announces GoFundMe to Build First Plant Recycling Facility of its Kind

Plant it Again has ambitions to create the first drought-tolerant plant recycling facility in San Diego, CA

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2020 / — It is often during the most challenging of times when life-changing ideas are born.

Dedicated to improving the world, a determined young lady has launched her Plant it Again GoFundMe intending to make a world of difference.

Sixteen-year-old Olivia Kries, a High Tech High Mesa junior, Miramar Young Marine, and Girl Scout could not understand why people would throw succulents away without contemplating the consequences of their actions. Succulents cannot be composted and thus are destined to take up valuable space in our landfills. So, Olivia came up with Plant It Again, an innovative idea that helps change the world by reimagining discarded succulents, cacti, and ground cover, as plants that deserve a second chance.

An eager and environmentally conscious teen, Olivia underscores the importance of these drought-tolerant plants, their assistance in land erosion, and their prevention in the spread of fires. Another unique characteristic of succulents is the ease from which they can be propagated, the act of regrowing a whole new plant from just one cutting or leaf. Olivia is quick to highlight how one donated plant could create the possibility of hundreds of new succulents rehomed back into our communities. Olivia’s exciting new GoFundMe campaign aims to recycle these drought-tolerant plants back into our communities while saving the planet's valuable natural resources.

Another vital aspect of the Plant it Again mission is to maintain a holistic view of second chances. Painfully aware of disabled adults who face closed doors when seeking employment, Olivia looks to overcome a shocking reality:

80% of adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities struggle to find meaningful work.

Working in concert with several organizations such as Options For All, the nonprofits' structure will allow adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities to gain valuable job experience as sales clerks, arrangement designers, tool refurbishers, class instructors, and artists; Skills that they can acquire at the pace their limitations allow. Funds raised from a retail store stocked with recycled succulents, garden tools, unique gifts, and upcycled handmade art will create a positive environment where everyone feels welcome.

Olivia's vision is that Plant It Again will not only make a difference within her community but fully inspire others to rethink their environmental impact by creating an eco-friendly, plant-friendly, and community-friendly virtuous cycle.

.At the moment, The Plant it Again GoFundMe has a goal of raising $150,000 via the online platform, which can be found here

The goal is to use received funds to create the first drought-tolerant plant recycling facility of its kind in San Diego, CA, a centrally located storefront where the public can donate their yard cuttings and gently used gardening tools and pots that focuses on the following:
· Recycling drought-tolerant plants back into local communities.
· Train and employs adults with disabilities into exciting and fulfilling career opportunities.
· Promotes saving the planet's valuable natural resources.
· Promote upcycling of household items in addition to plants.

In addition to the plant donation center, Plant It Again will also offer a work and design studio open to the public. It will be a place to donate, shop, create art, and take free educational gardening classes all under one roof while creating a safe and secure work environment for everyone to succeed.

The Plant It Again GoFundMe provides rich rewards for every tax-deductible contribution made including:

$1 or More
Every dollar helps. Change begins with the simplest gesture that is, however, filled with meaningful and positive vibes. Plant It Again is forever grateful to you for your support of any amount!

Join our Founders Club! Get a 10" x 4" beautifully engraved wood board with your name, or the name of the person you dedicate it to. This unique personalized board will be hung on our Donor Wall of Fame when we open!

Go lovingly big! More than double your support and get a 10" x 8" beautifully engraved wood board with your name, or the name of the person you dedicate it to. Available for viewing on our Donor Wall of Fame when we open!

Get famous for all the best reasons! Sponsor a worktable in our Plant It Again Work and Design Space. These tables, highlighted with a beautifully adorned plaque containing your company logo/personal message mounted on the table, will be highly visible to all visitors at Plant It Again EVERYDAY! There is no better way to get publicity than doing something genuinely good! Table rights are a 3-year commitment and include 2 VIP Plant It Again yearly memberships!

Partner with us! Show the world you care about by partnering with us to save natural resources while creating amazing careers for those in need. Enjoy the privilege of having exclusive naming rights to our Plant It Again Work and Design Space. This 5-year commitment includes 4 VIP Plant It Again yearly memberships!

You can find the campaign here

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