SIGNED! Bill to Further StrengthenColorado’s Gold-Standard Voting System Becomes Law

New law would further improve Colorado’s election system by: modernizing voter registration, expanding access to drop boxes, and creating more transparency in recall elections.

DENVER, CO – Today, the governor signed a critical piece of elections and voting legislation into law that upholds and makes improvements to Colorado’s gold-standard voting system by strengthening certain aspects of our election laws.

SB21-250, sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Steve Fenberg and Senator Julie Gonzales, works to ensure Colorado maintains its status as a role model for secure, safe, and fair elections.

“Colorado consistently has one of the highest voter turnout rates in the country thanks to the convenience and accessibility of our voting system. This is a result of our continual commitment to improvement efforts like this one,” said Senate Majority Leader Fenberg (D-Boulder)“By seeking to ensure Colorado’s elections remain exemplary, we are standing up for voters and protecting our democracy from the onslaught of restrictive voting laws being pushed by Republicans across the country.”

Each year, Colorado’s sixty-four County Clerks, the Secretary of State, and other stakeholders identify clarifications, adjustments, and improvements that are needed to make our election system even better. This bill is the result of their findings and subsequent recommendations.

“At a time when other states are restricting access to the ballot, here in Colorado we’re going above and beyond to make it easier for Coloradans to vote securely,” said Senator Gonzales (D-Denver)“I am proud of Colorado’s commitment to continually improving our elections system. Ensuring Coloradans are able to participate in democracy with ease will strengthen and increase voter engagement across the state.”

The legislation includes adjustments to Colorado’s voting system that will: improve drop boxes and Voter Service and Polling Centers, protect voting from partisan interference, and improve Colorado’s voter registration system. Additionally, the bill includes language to increase transparency in recall elections. 

Source: EIN Presswire